10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Piano

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Piano. To play piano is one of the best things you could do for yourself. If you have even the slightest desire to play piano, you should start as soon as possible and below are the 10 reasons why.

1. Piano is the visual instrument: from the design and during playing, the piano offers easy understanding of music most basic concepts, visually.

From understanding  a music note, chord to scales. You will find this fact very helpful in establishing your foundation in music theory.

2. Learning to play the piano is physically undemanding: unlike most other instruments, it is easy to play piano keys and chords for a beginner unlike a violin or a guitar for example.

3. It’s fun!  and refreshing learning how to play the music you like or be able to create  beatiful progressions or when learning how to accompany yourself while singing.

4. There are all types of pianos for everyone: From acoustic to digital pianos, for both advanced, intermediate, and beginner level individuals.

There are also varieties of piano brands you can choose from and at different price ranges including the amount you can afford to start with.

5. It helps with other instruments: once you understand the music theory behind it, you basically in a way apply the same concepts when starting learning other instruments since the theory is the same for all kinds of music instruments

6. It is easy: with varieties of options available of how to learn, whether take private lessons, or buy a DVDs and present online courses. It has never been more easy now to start learning.

7. It is cheap: more than ever before, it is cheap to acquire resources to use when learning to play. It is also affordable to buy some type of pianos.

8. You join a community of players all over the world who knows and understand the music theory behind the piano.

9. It is a new challenge: New current research indicates that learning to play a musical instrument stimulates the brain in a profound way.

The whole exprience aids to improve long term memory.

10. It is satisfying: each time you reach a learning milestone and master a specific piano skills. The brain rewards you with the satisfaction associated with the accomplishment

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