Digital pianos

 Digital pianos are the type of electronic keyboard designed to serve primarily as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano, both in playing and sound produced.

Digital pianos though lacking in some aspects when compared to acoustic pianos, they nevertheless still have other important advantages over acoustic pianos.

Factors like price of purchase, for digital piano being lower compared to acoustic piano. Size and weight being less and easily movable around from place to place.

Also the price of ownshership. Digital paino does not require tuning unlike acoustic pianos, or service or change of strings and hammers.

They can easily be connected to other digital devices like computer, PA systems to produce a louder voice like when in the venue, or keyboard amplifiers.

Most importantly, digital pianos can emulate other sounds apart from the loved piano sounds. Common sounds being the pipe organ, electric piano and harpsichord.

Therefore then when it comes to practicability and usability, you’ll tend to find the digital piano being most used in studios and music schools than acoustic pianos for the aim of replacing traditional instruments.

Alothough when compared to acoustic pianos interms of piano feel and sounds produced, the acoustic is still superior. Digital piano merely  features electronic speakers to playback high quality sampled sounds taken from the very best acoustic pianos.

For music composers digital pianos offers sound level/volume knobs, headphone outputs, many incorporate a MIDI implementation,may have features to assist in learning and composition, and have low enough maintenance costs well within the means of a starting musician.

Now coming to the conclusion of which is the better instrument between Acoustic and Digital pianos? Well there is no easy answer.

Each piano is there to serve a unique purpose based on the need and the requirements of the user. Both can be good and superior and at times both can be lacking .

Consider their differences and your needs before deciding which one to purchase and use.

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