Electronic Keyboard

An electronic keyboard is a music instrument that produces sounds as a result of an electronic circuit make-up. An electronic audio signal is then amplified and heard through the loud speakers.

In popular music, people tend to regard an electronic keyboard as any musical instrument that is capable of digital sounds.

These may include  digital pianos,  electric piano, synthesizers, stage grand pianos and any digital audio workstations.

Like digital pianos, electric keyboards are capable of producing a wide range of instrument sounds.

Thes may include; violin, pipe organ, piano, electric piano and many more. As a result, offers a cheap way of obtaining varieties of instruments sounds.

The advantages of electronic keyboards over other instruments may include the following;

  • Electronic keyboard are cheap to buy and maintain unlike the pricey acoustic pianos.
  • Unlike the Grand piano, the electronic keyboards are flexible and easy to move around. They can also fit into small spaces, making them more convenient for use
  • Electronic keyboards does not require tuning and therefore good for piano beginners.
  • It is also possible to connect with other devices like headsphones, PA systems and computers
  • Some may incorporate MIDI implementations and can have features to assist learning and composition

But regardless of their advantages stated above, electronic keyboards come with a few disantages;

  • Most electronic keyboards compared to real piano lacks the authentic piano touch and sounds although the new ones are now being set with weighted keys these day to try mimic real pianos
  • Hinders hand and fingers improvements for those who considers to become acoustic piano stage perfomers.

All in all having a chance to play the acoustic piano for the first time is always fault revealing and an educative experience for the shortcomings of other instruments despite of their many advantages.

Lastly, famous manufacturer is Yamaha.



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