How to Understand Melody

Melody is one of the most heard basic concept of music. To understand Melody one must have a basic understand of musical notes. A note is a sound with a particular pitch
and duration . Play a pattern of notes together, one after the other,
and you get a melody.


Melody at the end is a  musically satisfying tune, played over a sequence of notes.It’s the
notes that catch your ear as you listen and the line that sounds most important. The most memorable phrase in a piece of music

Some extra notes, such as trills and slides, which are not part of the main melodic line but can be added to the
melody either by the composer or the performer with the aim of  making the melody more complex and interesting
are what we call  embellishments.

In music, when you understand what really melody is, you automatically jumps a big hurdle on music theory. This is because melody play a big part even more so than lyrics, it’s the first thing we hear from a music piece which in turns helps us creates a familiarity with the piece. Apart from melody, there is rythm and harmony, subjects we will discus in the coming topics



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